5 Great Road Trip Tips When Traveling with Teens

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When traveling in a car with teens for long periods of time, entertainment can be difficult. I have three teenagers that do great while traveling for a couple of hours. Then it always starts with the bickering. “He is touching me!” “Give me back my iPod!” Ed and I usually sit in the front and turn up the radio. 

We have learned a couple of ideas that seem to help.

  1. Bring a laptop. My kids play games and movies using one piece of equipment. I like the laptop because when they are not using it, it slides right under a seat without taking up legroom for my tall kids!
  2. Get an audio book. Our local library has hundreds of them. Including ones just for teens. The last trip we took we were gone for 3 weeks. I told them ahead of time how long I needed the books so I was not charged late fees.
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