My Etsy Store

Devereaux Designs Monkey Camera AnimalI have been having so much fun with my knitting and crochet projects that I have now opened an Etsy Store. I have a variety of projects listed and I am continuing to add more every week. 

My mother, Shirley taught me how to crochet. She was so good at it and loved making blankets. I finished my first baby blanket last night. I will be adding it to the store today! I think she would be proud that I actually took to something she shared with me when I was a teenager. 

Devereaux Designs Caterpillar Camera Lens Animals

My step-mother Carolyn taught me how to knit. Carolyn was more patient with me than Mom when it came to anything with points, even if they were not really sharp! I wish I had remembered everything that I learned. But I love using the new looms that you can get at any craft store. I have both round and straight looms. I have made several hats and scarves, which everyone seems to enjoy. I recently bought new knitting needles so that I can start different projects that I have planned. Hopefully knitting with needles will come back to me as easily as the crocheting did.

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