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HunterI have had a very unexpected evening! First I get a call from Levi (17), my oldest son. "Mom can you come get me. I am in Crawford County and my Jeep broke down." I agreed and thought that I can kill two birds with one stone. I had plans to take the twins to New Albany to get their hair cut.

To start it off the twins get off the school bus 20 minutes late because of the rain. We headed out to drive 28 miles in a vehicle without heat in 42 degree weather to get Levi. As we started driving, my car started sputtering. I drive forward thinking it was because of the rain. I have a car that really does not like the rain so I did not think anything of it. We arrived at the destination but I used more gas than I anticipated so I pulled up to the gas pump. Turned off the car. Josie calls Levi because we had not seen him yet.

Levi showed up...... we loaded up..... car would not start!!!!! There was absolutely no power at all!!!! As a matter of fact there was not even a beep when the door was opened. Thank goodness Levi's friends were all still there and could give me a jump. Thinking as I always did I ask if we could borrow the jumper cables for the drive home just in case..... (Moms are always thinking... I even asked one of the teenagers to follow me home.) They recharged my battery completely. Thanks boys!!!

One of the boys told me to drive without lights or windshield wipers (in the pouring rain) because my alternator was bad. Just keep in mind, it was after 5:30 pm in Indiana on Eastern Standard Time! It was freaking dusk and I had 28 miles to drive. But we were determined to get back home. We loaded up and set out.

I did not even make it out of the parking lot approximately 30 feet and the car died again. We had no power at all again. I was dead in the water in the semi truck entrance to the gas station by the way without enough power to power the emergency flashers. All the teenagers, 5 total I think, pushed me across a busy state road and into an empty lot. I was just about to pee my pants. I did steer the car to a spot that was not blocking the entrance and I felt safe to leave it there. One of the boys told me that that was the parking spots for the semi trucks. Here goes the pushing again! I found a quiet spot out of the way of the trucks.

After a bit of time, we decided to just get a ride from one of the boys and work on the car another day because it is cold and raining. We got into a small sports car of one of the teenagers. Three of us in the back, one being myself, and three of the teenagers in the front. The entire car had that stagnant wet ass smell. By the time we got home, I thought I would gag! LOL

Guess what my night was not over! I still did not have the twins hair cut. I got into my husband's small sports car and decided to drive to New Albany in the rain and in the dark. Did I mention that I have night blindness that is ten times worse in the rain? It took me almost 45 minutes to drive what normally takes 10 minutes. On the journey, there was a van in front of us, that I could not pass, that decided that driving down the expressway doing 40 MPH was OK and he was constantly hitting his brakes!!!! Did I mention that this was just what I needed. I was completely a nervous wreck!

Finally I arrived at the hair salon. Of course, we had to wait but in the end the kids were satisfied with the cut and so was I. Thank you Fantastic Sam's for an excellent cut! I can finally see that my son has eyes! We were finally ready to drive home.

It was still raining and I could not see the road. It is really dark but bright out. If you have night blindness, you completely understand. If you do not, trust me when I say that I was not doing well driving but I was cautiously making my way home in my husband's small sports car that if damaged would end me up in divorce court... Not really! LOL!

Just when I thought it was safe to be home, at the intersection just past the hair salon, I was almost in two different accidents, not caused by me!!! (BTW, I did not mention this to Ed!!!!! Shhhh!) Twice, two different vehicles ran two different lights.

I made it home and reflected on my evening. Most would think it was a horrible night. But instead of pondering on the fact that a three car family is now down to one working vehicle, I decided that I should think of it in a better light.

  1. I did make it to my destination before the breakdown and did not get stranded on the expressway!
  2. I did have people willing to help me when I needed it! Thanks Boys! I will return the favor!
  3. I made it home!
  4. I did get done what I planned to get done! Hair cuts look GREAT! Mom and Hunter are pleased!
  5. I am finally warm and dry in the comfort of my own home!

The Lord works in mysterious ways!!!! It makes a person ponder how wonderful life really is! It really is how one thinks about the day even when dealt a bad hand! Think about it!

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