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TeenagersI have found that I tend to reflex the moods of others’. It is almost like osmosis. This is why I hate Mondays! “Everyone” says they hate Mondays. Why does everyone hate Mondays? This post will hopefully answer that exact question! 

The scenario starts: When I go to any business on Mondays, the employees are always in a nasty mood. I understand having I bad day but to be downright nasty is not the best business practice. If you want to sell something to me, does it really matter what day of the week it is? All that I ask is that you PLEASE try to attempt to care! I have money and I have come in your employer’s business. Am I the customer that has ruined your day? Is it so difficult to earn the money you are being paid to wait on me? Do you not understand that customers really do pay your salary? What is it exactly can the customer do for you to help you be in a better mood?

I used to love Mondays: the kids go back to school; my husband and I go back to work. I always had a fresh start at least once a week! But still, everyone else seems to hate Mondays and that seems to rub off on me, so I decided to do some research. “Why does everyone hate Mondays?

I Googled it. I put in: “Why I hate Mondays.” The first several of pages displayed ads for different companies that promoted Mondays are a bad thing! What is up with that? There are coffee mugs, clothing, and signs that all say, “I hate Mondays!” There is no explanation to why people hate Mondays.

I gave up on the web search pretty quickly. So, I decided to ask my twin, boy and girl, teenagers their thoughts on Mondays. I gave them a list of questions and was quite surprised at their answers.

The questions:
1.    What do you think of the word “Mondays?”

  • Teen 1: Monday is a name
  • Teen 2: A BAD day

2.    Do you hate Mondays?

  • Teen 1: Yes!
  • Teen 2: Yes!

3.    Is your day worse on Mondays?

  • Teen 1: Yes!
  • Teen 2: Yes!

4.    What makes you day worse on Mondays?

  • Teen 1: Homework
  • Teen 2: Because there is no more weekend

5.    Are you assigned more homework on Mondays?

  • Teen 1: No
  • Teen 2: No

6.    So, if answer was No, why?

  • The homework is not really used.
  • I am tired.

7.    What do you think of the “weekend?:

  • Teen 2:  Yes!

8.    Why do you love the weekend?   

  • Teen 1: No school
  • Teen 2: No school. Can sleep in.

9.    Can you not do that on Mondays?

  • Teen 1: Nope
  • Teen 2: NO!

10.    Why?

  • Teen 1: Have to get up early for school
  • Teen 2: You are always tired on Mondays

11.     Do you dress differently on Mondays?

  • Teen 1: No
  • Teen 2: Normally

12.    Do you dress differently on the weekends?

  • Teen 1: No
  • Teen 2: Yes

13.    Why or how do you dress differently?

  • Teen 1: I do not see any difference in how I dress.
  • Teen 2: We have more freedom.

14.    Do your teachers have a different attitude on Mondays compared to any other day?

  • Teen 1: YYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!!! Especially Ms. Brown
  • Teen 2: Yes especially my English teacher.

15.    Why do you think your teacher acts differently?

  • Teen 1: Because she is on her period every Monday
  • Teen 2: She is a grouch either way, she is just worse on Mondays.

I concluded that even though the questions were very entertaining they really did not scientifically prove anything. They did however give me the clues that I was looking for. The reason why people hate Mondays is because it is learned over time.

Parents and teachers reflect and condition children into hating Mondays. Every parent dreads going back to work on Mondays. Leaving the comfort of their homes and going to the stagnant life of work. Their mood is reflected onto their children. Then when kids get to school, they are also hit with the fact the teachers are also in a horrible mood. The kids have no reason not to hate Mondays!

To solve the problem, I recommend that everyone take a break and attempt to hide your moods when you are confronted with children. 

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