Surgery or Apple?

Bowl of ApplesNot too long ago my husband's friend had to have surgery to remove lesions from his colon. They were causing numerous health issues and medicine or diet was not an option. Several portions of his colon had to be removed and reconstructed. What was the cause of his problems? He was not eating enough fiber. He is an office worker that did not eat right or get enough exercise. If he had, he would have never needed the operation. So the question that I am asking you.... Surgery or Apple?

I have to admit that this worried us. I know that I do not eat enough fiber. I started estimating the amount of fiber that I was consuming. I was quite surprised. My total fiber intake yesterday was 20.9 grams. This is how I estimated: 

Brunch: 2 pieces of French toast - 1.9 grams fiber

Supper: 3 slices of pizza - 3 grams fiber

Snack: Microwave Popcorn - 16 grams (thank you popcorn)

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