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FootballWhat to do on a Sunday when you are married to a football fan; there is always the nap! Napping tends to be hard to do when from the living room there are always the proverbial screams at the television that seem to wake the dead. “Catch the ball!” “Tackle HIM!!!” I hope I am not alone when I say that it is very hard to sleep when football is on.

I know that the players of the team and the coaches cannot actually hear my husband’s pleas but nevertheless the yelling at the television always accompanies the game. I think he thinks if he yells loud enough the players will actually do what they are told! This happens each and every game no matter who is playing and one would think that I would be used to it. Nope! It never fails that when I am deep in thought or just about to dose, the yelling starts and it scares the living daylights out of me! I thought for a while that he was timing it just perfect to see how far I jump out of my seat but then I realized he really does not even know I am in the room when the game is on.

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My husband is a typical football fan; he never missing a chance to flip through all the sporting channels trying to catch all the good parts of each game that is airing. The bad thing is…… football is a year-round sport in my household. There is pre-season, season, off-season, draft and now fantasy. I still have yet to figure out exactly the concept behind fantasy football. Apparently, it is the best thing since white bread.

I have tried to watch football with my husband. I know that to learn fundamentals of the game I must watch it or play it. I really do not see myself playing football so I have watched it. But as I watched my mind starts wondering. I miss too much and I have a horrible time following what is happening. I normally end up asking the stupid questions: “Didn’t the other team have the ball?” Asking questions during a game is apparently very annoying the football fanatics. I do not recommend it.

There is another thing that I do not understand…. How does one choose their favorite team? I understand the college level and high school football: you root for your school’s or your hometown team. But the NFL, do you choose the team closest to you? I pose this question because my husband is a die-hard Rams fan living in Southern Indiana! All my friends and family are Colts’, Bangles’ or Titans’ fans! This is a problem for our household because we normally root for the Rams or anyone that is playing against the Colts. This tends to make it hard for us to invite people to watch the game with us.

So what does a wife do on Sunday during football, I blog!

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