Do you have a movie that you watch over and over?

Practical Magic Movie CoverDo you have one of those movies that you watch over and over again? Or one of those movies that you watch on television even though you own the DVD? 

"Practical Magic" is that movie for me. Even when I hear the title I start singing the song, "She put the lime in the coconut!"  Play sample of Coconut Song (You can download the whole song by clicking here!)  I am not trying to sell you the soundtrack by the way but I like to provide you the links to where you can download it if you are interested. It really is a great song!

If you think about it.... a movie with Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman and Aidan Quinn has to be hit. I love the cast and the movie itself! I like not having to think of life when I am watching a movie. This movie does not relate to my real life at all so I can watch it and completely relax! 

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