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My name is Rebecca Devereaux. I am a happily married wife and mother of 4. I am a web developer/designer professionally and a writer on the side. I enjoy photography, crocheting, knitting and crafts when I have time to indulge. I like to hike with my husband to see the places you can not get to by car. Since we moved to Oregon, I have had such a wonderful time exploring this wonderful state. I have never seen a more beautiful place. There are adventures around every corner. 

My husband and I met in September 2004 on the Internet. Both of us had recently divorced, when we started chatting on Yahoo! I was scared to death about meeting people that I had met online, so I invited Ed to a Halloween party that I had planned. Little did Ed know I was working at the local police department and 7 of the quests were officers that were carrying guns! LOL I felt more at ease because there are crazy people in this world and you never know whom you are talking to in chat.

It did not take long for Ed and I to realize that we were in love. After the party, we never left each other’s side. Ed was in his 19th year of service in the Army and he was ready to settle down in a home outside of his military life. He is truly my soul mate and I did not know what love was until I met him. It took 5 years of living together before I finally said, “I do!” But after the years of horrible marriage with my ex-husband, I was not sure that I wanted to do it again.  I knew that I loved Ed and I did not think that I needed a piece of paper to let everyone else know that. I was mistaken! I am so happy now that I wish I had done it the day I met him. Marrying Ed was the best thing that has ever happened to me! It has restored my faith in matrimony, family and God.

From my previous marriage, I have three children. My oldest son, Levi, is 20 years old and lives in our house in Indiana. He is working construction now and seems to love it. He is a very smart young man and I am very proud of him! In his spare time, he and his girlfriend are always side by side. Maybe after a couple more years, I will see grandbabies, not that I am in a rush! But who doesn't want to have a new baby in the family.  

My twins are 17. Josie and Hunter are so much fun! Josie enjoys hanging with her friends. She is a typical girl for her age that enjoys TV, music and her computer. She is quite lovely and inspires me to laugh and live a happy life! She is always smiling and trying to make everyone happy. Josie is a particularly good cook. She and I love to cook together. She helps every night with dinner. It is my favorite time to spend with her.

Hunter is a very talented musician. He plays violin, every wind instrument, drums, and guitar. He is also a typical teen boy and enjoys video games, music and YouTube Videos. Hunter has the best sense of humor constantly cracking jokes to make everyone laugh. Whenever I am feeling down, all I have to do is talk to Hunter and my mood is completely changed. He is wonderful! I have great kids!

Ed’s daughter’s, from his previous marriage, name is Dorian. She has graduated college with a history degree and finally living on her own! Congrats Dori! Dorian enjoys reading, playing video games and riding her horses with her mother, Peggy! She has grown to be such a remarkable young woman. We are so proud of her and hope she comes to see us soon!

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